King County Ferry District
King County Ferry District

King County Ferry District

Nearly a century ago a "Mosquito Fleet" of small boats linked the communities that ring Lake Washington and Puget Sound. These vessels provided vital transportation connections. With the advent of automobile travel, passenger ferry service declined. Today, with highways and roads reaching capacity, our region's waterways are once again a viable alternative for moving people within King County.

New boat design

Take a sneak peak at the design for our new boats, one of which is already under construction (PDF, 2 MB).

In April 2007, the King County Ferry District (KCFD) was created to expand transportation options through water taxi services. King County Council members are the Ferry District Board of Supervisors.

The KCFD funds and oversees the operations of two existing water taxi services. The KCFD contracts with the King County Marine Division for operations. 

When the Washington State Legislature cut funding for passenger ferry service, the KCFD stepped in to ensure continued service on the Vashon / Downtown Seattle route.  The KCFD also took over the water taxi service between West Seattle and Downtown Seattle (previously the Elliott Bay Water Taxi).

Learn More About the Vashon Island and West Seattle Water Taxi Routes

Do You Want Service Alerts for King County Water Taxis?

The King County Water Taxis use an e-mail alert system to notify passengers when sailings will be canceled

or delayed by more than 15 minutes.

To Subscribe:

  1. Go to the Sign up for alerts page on Metro Transit's website
  2. Enter your e-mail address and click Sign Up
  3. Scroll down to Marine & Other Routes
  4. Check King County-operated Vashon Water Taxi (975) or West Seattle Water Taxi (973)
  5. Add Metro routes if you wish
  6. Click Save


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